I'm so excited to bring you...
Work With Me Personally for 4 Months to Create Your Evergreen Webinar Sales Funnel & UpLevel and Automate Receiving Clients & Cash! 
Are you  tired of the constant hustle to get your next client and get your bills paid?

Never seem to get ahead of yourself, you're always working on the next launch and feel it's a constant hamster wheel.

Seeing so many online launches (perhaps yours?) fail today...

Had enough of working against deadlines.

Fed up of the urgent curveballs and tech issues  that have you and your team troubleshooting until late at night again?

Really just over the nail biting game of finding it out if those 80% will indeed invest in the last 48 hours as they are meant to (and losing your sleep and sanity in the process)? 

Sister - I know. 

While I'm a HUGE fan of the mindset work and the personal growth that we receive through our business...there comes a point where hustling is no longer an exciting business model.  

I know how frustrating it is, and I can tell you this, it is NOT a proper business when your cashflow can only be seen 3 months into the future! That's not sustainable, and frankly, not set to give you the FREEDOM and WELLBEING that you so crave.

I'm here to take a stand for calling this out and helping you change this.

It's time that you too can have predictable monthly income, and allow for more ease in your business, and space to show up for your tribe daily and consistently (...because that's another thing that's critical to grow your empire and key part of my own funnel strategy, yet to a large degree still automated, whaat?!?).

Introducing...Launch Your Evergreen Cash Machine!!

I created this program for Badass Business Babes who want to go next level with their client generation and automation, by working with me personally, in depth, for 4 game changing months:
---> You know your business is here to make a REAL IMPACT and change 1000s of lives. 

---> This work is your PASSION, your CALLING

---> You want more clients ON DEMAND

---> You are ready to UP-LEVEL NOW, and not let the market leapfrog you (there's a bit of a revolution going on in the online marketing space, and I can help you cut through that)

---> You want more AUTOMATION and EASE in your business


---> You want to actually live the LIFESTYLE - more FREEDOM and more FLEXIBILITY on how you spend your time

---> You want to SUPERCHARGE your client generating system...have a way for your clients to get to hear your offer DAILY & get to SELL daily

---> The idea of creating an AUTOMATED WEBINAR CLIENT FUNNEL for your signature private coaching program/mastermind/group program/digital course EXCITES YOU... as does working with me personally for 4 supportive months, with a small group of other badass business babes to DO THIS

---> You want more CLIENTS, more CASH, more FREEDOM and BIGGER IMPACT in your tribe's lives (you want to help MORE people!)

I have created a UNIQUE program for you...

To create a next level, automated webinar sales funnel that brings you consistent clients, cash & freedom! 

Learn the evergreen model marketing strategy and systems and actually implement this with my personal support.

To create a funnel that is an EXPERIENCE, not just a sales pitch. To build high level of intimacy and trust with your audience

Create the space to be connecting with your tribe daily with your “in the moment” content (emails, live streams, stories...) and build a loyal following who'll invest into working with you again and again.

Have me personally guide you along, step-by-step, on our LIVE training and coaching calls.

Excited yet!!??!?
  • You are already making money online but need more (and consistent) clients OR you are close to being fully booked and need to leverage with group programs/ digital courses 
  •  You have a clear niche, ideal client and offering (of course we review and tweak your Program if need to, but you know your market)  
  •  You have in place: CRM (e.g. Active Campaign, Aweber), Landing Pages (e.g. Lead Pages, Click Funnels), Facebook Ads account (great if you do, but you can set up during the program too)
  •  You understand that a real business has a marketing budget for your funnel ads

  • Learn how to use an automated webinar in your funnel to sell your signature program on autopilot 
  •  Learn how to use micro content videos to create trust and intimacy with your audience before you make any offers
  • Use this unique strategy to up-level your visibility & daily content as part of your funnel strategy 
  •  Review your main Lead Magnet and Landing Page or create a brand new one  
  •  Create a Paid Tripwire Offer for your thank you page (depends on the funnel)
  •  Create Your Automated Webinar  
  •  Learn how to Sell & Convert from your webinar 
  •  Create a connection building Facebook Ads campaign for your funnel
  •  Learn Re-targeting Ads for your evergreen funnel
  •  Put in place a Sales Process (either Application or Order Page) + Sales System linking to your Paypal/Stripe (yup, all the techy stuff)
  •  Write your evergreen Sales Email Sequence that simulates a live launch 
  •  Analysing your numbers, what to track
  •  Optimising your funnel
  •  10 Modules of step-by-step evergreen funnel trainings
  •  Complete evergreen Facebook ads funnel trainings
  •  Weekly group coaching calls 
  •   5 x 50min 1:1 sessions 
  •  Unlimited access to me via a Facebook Group 
  •  Additional Tech Guides, Templates etc
  •  Opportunity to stay in the live program and coaching calls for a small monthly investment for as long as you need support

Access to my chosen 
”On Call” VAs
I’ve got a team of VAs ready for you to work with, to help you set up all the back end tech stuff. YES! I am bringing you pre-qualified VA’s to work with, who are expecting your call and know how to support you. Whew!

Access to my chosen AFFORDABLE 
Facebook Ads team
This team offers affordable Facebook Campaign creation. If you’ve ever tried to outsource your FB Ads you know this is one of the most expensive areas of your team! So I am bringing you affordable facebook ads experts. 
But in this program I also give you full step-by-step facebook ads funnel trainings to do this all yourself.
I’m bringing this team to you so that we can support you to get your 
automated webinar funnel CREATED & LAUNCHED and making CASH!!!!

***NB: You will work directly with your selected VA/FB Ads expert and pay them directly. 
This cost is NOT included in this program
 Honey the time is NOW! 

You get access to the program and sessions with me right away.
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I’ve made multiple six figures using both live and automated webinars in my biz Serena Sandstrom International, and about to cross 7 figures online.

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